Couples and Relationship Counselling

Every relationship has its 'ups and downs' but at times the relationship can become stuck and it can be difficult to find a way forward.  

Family and friends are often concerned and supportive but they can also be too involved in your lives to see your relationship objectively and might be tempted to give you advice.

It may be that you are feeling things are not quite right or it may be that more serious difficulties have arisen.  Coming to counselling with your partner can give you both the opportunity to explore difficult issues in your relationship in a safe and confidential environment.  Whatever the difficulties experienced It is important that you are both willing to explore them together.
Counselling is an opportunity to listen to each other, to look at the ways in which you communicate, how you manage conflict, and to seek ways in which to make changes for the future.  Even if change is not possible it may be that counselling will help you understand each other better and see the situation differently - often just talking to someone who is not involved can help you to move forward.


Indvidual Counselling, Couple Counselling, Supervision, Group Facilitation in Bristol with professional counsellor Mary Barrett